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Dayna C. Cooper, partner headshot sitting


Dayna C. Cooper is a force to be reckoned with, having successfully defended small business owners against multi-billion dollar corporations. Dayna prides herself in forging, not just relationships, but partnerships with her clients. In doing so, she has played an integral role in the exponential growth of her small business clients and has been a zealous advocate for the protection of their business assets.


Prior to forming Cooper Legal, Dayna worked as an organizational development consultant and IT project manager where she managed a multi-million dollar project portfolio for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She eventually transitioned to government employment for the U.S. Copyright Office. During her six-year tenure at the Copyright Office, she worked in the General Counsel’s office where she was responsible for reviewing copyright regulations and gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the office’s registration program and registration appeals process. After departing the General Counsel’s office, she transitioned to the Copyright Acquisition Division where she was charged with demanding materials for the Library of Congress and providing counsel to publishers on matters related to copyright law, the registration program, and mandatory deposit provisions.


Dayna C. Cooper brings a unique array of skills and specialized expertise to her practice. Dayna’s background and practical experience provides her with greater knowledge and understanding of the issues facing her clients which enables her to do more than simply address a legal issue. Her clients receive great value from her varied perspective and more comprehensive solutions which ultimately creates increased opportunities and positions their businesses for overall success. Her practice focuses on corporate law and intellectual property, namely copyrights and trademarks. Dayna currently serves as Of Counsel to three firms, one in Georgia, Florida, and another in Alabama. She also serves as General Counsel to a number of small businesses in the District of Columbia and Maryland.


Dayna has been practicing law since 2011 and is licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Dayna looks forward to providing you with the counsel necessary to help you protect your brand and expand your business.


  • Successfully managed portfolio in excess of $50 million dollars from planning to deployment for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs My HealtheVet project

  • Assisted client in securing state contract potentially increasing profits over 1,329%

  • Assisted small technology company in winning 7 figure settlement for a contract dispute against a multi-billion dollar and multinational conglomerate

  • Successfully defended client in a trademark proceeding halting the attempted theft and exploitation of client's trademark rights against one of the nation’s top-ranked universities

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