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Cooper Legal believes the key to the success of a business is effective marketing and advertising of products or services. In doing so, all businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that their advertising claims are truthful, not deceptive, and further ensure that their marketing activities do not run afoul of the law. Cooper Legal assists its clients in navigating the complex legal landscape in which advertising claims are made and evaluated and can provide practical legal advice to assist in achieving marketing goals while minimizing business risks.

The Advertising & Marketing practice provides advice and counsel from inception to commercialization by offering services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring compliance with FTC and FCC rules and regulations

  • Providing advice on IP issues related to advertising campaigns and promotional materials

  • Conducting clearance of advertising claims and content for compliance with applicable law and industry regulations

  • Preparing and negotiating advertising agreements, disclosures, and disclaimers

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